Queens Alaska Pollock: White fish with the taste of the sea

Many popular types of white fish originate from aquaculture, but Queens also likes to offer a white fish which has been wild caught.

The popular Alaska pollock is native to the high cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Alaska is therefore the perfect place to catch this common fish. A strict quota is set each year, which trawler fishermen must adhere to. This ensures the fish stock amply remains at the same level and nature is protected. It’s therefore not particularly surprising that all Queens Alaska pollock is MSC certified.

“Much of the Alaska pollock is processed into large blocks, which are also used to make fish fingers, a popular dish with children. We chose a supplier who could supply us with whole Alaska pollock fillets, which are instantly frozen on board after the catch.”

The freshly frozen Alaska pollock makes another stop in China en route to the Netherlands, where it’s manually processed into the boneless fillets which you have become accustomed to from Queens. Our own Queens quality employees always ensure this is done with the greatest precision and care for hygiene and quality.

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